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brydon wang three little pigs south brisbane vet.jpg

Three Little Pigs

Retold and Illustrated by Brydon Timothy Wang

Book window display (above) at:

South Brisbane Vet, 156 Hardgrave Road, West End, Brisbane

This book translates for the next generation the ongoing research into "buoyant urbanism" —the umbrella term that includes amphibious architecture (buildings that normally sit on the ground but float during floods) and floating buildings that enable us to build our cities on the water.


To celebrate this technological optimism of architecture and how it can change the way we build our cities, a number of famous architectural projects are referenced throughout the book. Please enjoy my son's drawings of these projects below. 

Brydon Wang Three Little Pigs cover.jpg

Architecture references

sydney opera house three little pigs brydon wang.jpg

Sydney Opera House, Australia

Isozaki city in the air three little pigs brydon wang.jpg

Arata Isozaki's City in the Air 
(unbuilt) 1962

chrysler building three little pigs brydon wang.jpg

Chrysler Building, Manhattan, New York, USA 

These are the architectural projects that have been referenced in "The Three Little Pigs"

luna park sydney three little pigs brydon wang.jpg

Luna Park, Sydney, Australia

einstein tower three little pigs brydon wang.jpg

Einstein Tower, Potsdam, Germany

ATnT tower sfo three little pigs brydon wang.jpg

AT&T Tower, San Francisco, USA


Every piece of technology has a story, and here are the ones I've found. 

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